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Developer SimpleAct Inc.

QuickMark is a useful and fun application at the same time. It was mainly designed to decode QR codes, but ...


Developer fccHandler

AAC ACM Codec makes possible to preview and decode AAC in VirtualDub that use ACM codecs. AAC ACM Codec ...


Developer Pravin Paratey

Yammy is an app that allows you to decode and view not only yours but other's archived YM conversations. You don't even need a password! ...

CalibratedQ XD Decode

Developer Calibrated Software, Inc.

Calibrated{Q} XD Decode is a multi-threaded QuickTime Codec (Decode Only) that enables you to view ...

DrugPak EEA Decoder

Developer DrugPak LLC

DrugPak Encrypted E-Mail Attachment Decoder is a program that allows you to decode e-mail attachments sent ...

CalibratedQ DVCProHD Decode

Developer Calibrated Software, Inc.

Calibrated{Q} DVCProHD Decode is a multi-threaded DVCProHD QuickTime Codec (Decode Only) that enables you to view and use ...

Yahoo Decode 7

Developer Yahoo Decode 7

Yahoo Decode 7 is a free software for Windows operating systems. With Yahoo Decode 7, you can read all yahoo messenger ...

Barcode Recognition Software

Developer RKD Software

The Barcode Recognition Software is a program designed to help you to decode all popular barcode types. This tool also reads torn ...

LizardTech MG4 Decode

Developer Lizardtech

LizardTech MG4 Decode is a free graphical utility which provides you with the ability to decode LiDAR files compressed to MrSID Generation ...


Developer e-iceblue

Spire.PDFViewer enables .NET users to open, read PDF files and load PDF from stream, file and byte array.


Developer Novell

Base64Tool is a powerful and easy-to-use application in which you can easily decode Base64 encoded data while viewing an LDIF ...

JukeBox Decoder

Developer BirdCage Software

With this program, you can drag and drop files to desktop icon, or move files or whole folders to the Playlist window. Right-click files for ...

Sanmaxi Yahoo Messenger Chat Recovery (Evaluation)

Developer Sanmaxi IT Solution Pvt Ltd

With this program you can recover and decode all private messages like instant messages, conferences and mobile SMS ...

URL Decode Filenames

Developer 3delite

Due to the limitations established on the specification for URLs (RFC 1738), if your file names include special ...


Developer NBL
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